Fair Labor & Fair Wages

Fair Labor & Fair Wages

Offering a “fair deal” for workers globally goes beyond complying with local laws. Columbia Gem House offers fair labor and fair wages at mines around the world, their cutting factory in China, and their jewelry workshop in the USA. The company prevents unfair and child labor, while providing more than minimum wages, and safe, comfortable working conditions.

Columbia Gem House takes responsibility for ensuring an equal opportunity for everyone, along with a real opportunity for growth. They pay fair wages well above the minimum, offer bonus and promotion opportunities, and health insurance.

Their cutting factory in China is a model workplace that is praised by the government. Workers there are paid three times the minimum wage and also receive:

  • room and board
  • food allowance
  • paid vacation
  • overtime pay
  • medical, disability and unemployment insurance
  • annual bonuses

Columbia Gem House built a school for the children of workers at the Chimwadzulu Mine in Malawi. Since non-agricultural work is rare in this part of Malawi and infrastructure is almost non-existent, this school provides needed educational services for 450 village children. Additionally, the company is helping to develop the surrounding area with services that keep workers healthy and bring new opportunities to their families.

Doing more isn’t just good for workers, it’s good for companies. Satisfied workers put more effort into improving the quality of the products they produce. Also, turnover is low when workers become very experienced and skilled.

Regarding product quality, Eric Braunwart says, “Because we offer training and develop expertise, the quality of our products rivals any in the world.”