About Fair Trade Gems

Ethical gemstones, responsibly sourced with a transparent supply chain.

Since 1976 Columbia Gem House has been building the world’s largest ethical mine-to-market gemstone supply chain. We operate gemstone cutting facilities on two continents to ensure faceters are protected from Silicosis. Columbia Gem House also works directly with governments, non-profits, and miners. These ongoing relationships ensure safety, fair wages, ethical sourcing and environmentally responsible mining.

Fair Trade Gems® is our promise to you to provide all the information we have on every gemstone. In order to properly communicate supply chain information, we created the fair trade gem protocols. Whether or not you buy from us, we hope you’ll join the fair trade gem movement. Demand safe cutting factories, safe and environmentally responsible mines, and fair wages for the people and communities who mine and cut these natural treasures.

Together we can make fair trade gems the rule, instead of the exception.